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Question: Q: Bad RAM slot? Recently I tried adding new memory to my G5. When the new RAM was in the 2nd pair of slots, the computer would hang at boot or report the wrong amount of memory available. I swapped the Apple RAM and the 3rd party RAM with the same result.

RAM Failures ā€“ LaptopTips Bad RAM is somehow harder to diagnose as similar symptoms may be caused by software problems, other hardware problems or even motherboard failure. However if you experience any of these symptoms, you should check for bad RAM before attempting any other troubleshooting. Clear Indications of Bad Memory or Dimm Socket ... I have seen this happen this happen to several machines lately. Look for these sympthoms as they are an indication of a failing RAM chip, or a bad DIMM socket on the mobo. The system freezes up at random times during bootup: during POST at the Windows logo just before login screen right after login System turns on, and stays on but never even reaches post Note that read/write memory errors are ... Bad Ram Slot - CyberPowerPC Forum I started getting Page fault not in page area bsod in late December. Back to May, I did a ram test on all three sticks of ram then and a few days ago they all came back good. It only happens when I put in all three sticks of ram in. I think it is Slot 2 that is bad but I am not sure. What are the symptoms of a bad RAM module? | IGN Boards

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Sadly, memory modules can sometimes go bad, causing your Mac to display a variety of perplexing symptoms.Random Application Crashes: If programs randomly quit unexpectedly, and the generated crash report shows different potential reasons for the crash, this may indicate bad RAM. A few symptoms of bad RAM When placing the RAM stick back in the slot (or another one to test that slot) make sure that the contacts are aligned correctly with the slots, (they can only go in one way) and insert the sticks until the levers on the sides snap back into place to the grooves on the side of your RAM.

Faulty RAM modules can cause a variety of problems and can come from any vendor -- including Apple. Furthermore, the problems caused by bad memory can be latent, developing over time, and/or non-specific. Faulty RAM modules can cause a variety of problems and can come from any vendor -- including Apple.

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Boot with each remaining RAM in the suspected bad slot to verify that the slot has indeed failed. This also verifies that the remaining RAM is good and not adding to your computer's memory problems. RAM Memory Troubleshooting & Diagnosis Part 1 Linus Tech ...

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